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An informative and educational read for history lovers of all ages, BBC History magazine covers both British and world history.

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Whether your interest is academic or hobby-based, BBC History magazine makes an informative read for anyone with a passion for the past.

As well as the latest news on historical discoveries and archaeological finds, there are also features analysing the social habits of the past and how historic events impact on our modern lives, so it's as much a magazine for those interested in the present as those curious about bygone eras.

With a BBC History magazine subscription, you can expect great writing from the best historians around, such as Lucy Worsley and Chris Bowlby, covering areas as diverse as the Tudor period, ancient Rome and the World Wars.


A BBC History Magazine subscription is essential for anyone with a keen interest in all things historical.

Helping bring Britain and the world's rich past to life, BBC History magazine provides you with accessible and informative features from leading academic historians.

BBC History Magazine was established in May 2000 devoted to history enthusiasts of all levels of knowledge and interest. It publishes authoritative history in an accessible and attractive format but readers are provided with much more than that: the contributors are the leading experts in their fields, and so whether the issue is exploring Ancient Egypt, Tudor England or the Second World War, readers are guaranteed the latest, most thought-provoking historical research.

BBC History Magazine is first and foremost simply an enjoyable read for anyone who's interested in the past and each edition seeks to maintain the high journalistic standards traditionally associated with the BBC.

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by Paul
Excellent articles and features covering a wide range of historical topics. Well illustrated and a good read.
by Fiona
I hated History at school but as I've got older I'm mad about it so I thought this would be the ideal magazine, I've thoroughly enjoyed the 5 issues for £5 offer but didn't find it an easy read at times as its based more for academics rather than for people with an interest but I would recommend people to have a read and see what they think.
by Silvio
Not only did i think only history teachers or fans of time team would read such a magazine ,as a closet history fan i honestly love this magazine
by anonymous
Whether you're a historian or just looking to widen your historical knowledge, this monthly magazine is a wonderful compilation of essays, interviews, reviews and recommendations. It has a wide breadth of material with worldwide historical news, in-depth explorations of past events, as well as articles examining how these happenings still impact on us today. The magazine also contains literary reviews together with recommended TV and radio listings, and UK historical visits.