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Each issue of this leading fitness magazine offers the latest tips and tricks for getting the most from your diet and workout, giving you everything you need to get in shape. Read more
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When it comes to developing an effective fitness regime and diet, a Men's Health magazine subscription is the perfect place to start.

Each issue is packed with training guides and workout tips to help you get the most out of your time at the gym, plus buying guides for everything from protein supplements to the latest training aids.

You'll find advice and guidance from ripped celebrities and sportsmen, as well as expert tips from the best personal trainers in the industry. This magazine gives you everything you need to perfect and maximise your workout, helping to keep you fit and healthy.


Take out a subscription to Men’s Health magazine, the UK’s best-selling quality men’s magazine. Every month Men’s Health magazine are on hand with all the tips and expert advice you’ll ever need to get you into peak condition.

A Men’s Health magazine subscription delivers unrivalled coverage on the subjects that matter most, it really is a must-have read. There’s fitness, weight-loss, health and nutrition plus you’ll also get the latest on sex and relationships, gear, travel, style and grooming.

Launched in 1987 as a health-oriented service magazine, Men’s Health magazine is the world’s largest men’s magazine brand and has 38 editions globally Men’s Health magazine has evolved over the years into more of a lifestyle magazine for men and covers all aspects of a man’s life, including health, fitness, relationships, travel, nutrition, technology, finance and fashion.

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 4-6 weeks.

by jack
i love this all the guys are chunky mmm
by a
la aswome
by levi
it is superb, and lots of info on mens health.
by Anonoumys
Brilliant lots of tips abouts men's health...
by bob
i <3 this magazin!!
by anonymous
Now in my 2nd subscription year. This magazine is not about getting a sixpack or big pecs.... although it might give you top tips to achieve those; it's more about lifesytle, health and happiness - full of interesting facts about what makes us who we are and how to squeeze the best out of our bodies with in the most efficient way... The best allround lads mag... and even women love reading it as it often talks about what makes them tick.....10/10!
by Donnie
Men's Health has been a favourite of mine for years. It helps with motivation and constantly brings you great tips for improving your health not only physically but socially, emotionally and financially.
by Sarah
I bought this for my boyfriend and let's just say, this magazine ROCKS!!
by anonymous
It is brilliant
by Derryck
Great general health mag with loads of tips.
by anonymous
good articles, training tips and nutritional information. well worth a subscription if you are into a healthy and active lifestyle.
by Kyle
I think this is a great magazine, full of interesting articles not only about fitness, but general everyday things as well. The exercise and fitness sections are very informative, and always help me mix up my gym routine. There are healthy eating tips, and a range of good articles. I wouldn't be without my subscription.
by Tony
In General a great mag, great advice, expert opinions and good meal ideas. My only complaint, the cover offers unrealistic promises to sell the mag, every month a variation of how to get easy abs... yet inside the same common sence approach we all know - excercise and good nutrition! Duh! Hence 4* rating.
by anonymous
full of good advice for men trying to lose weight (like myself), not just fitness freaks, and a good balanced lifestyle magazine to boot.
by Dewi
excellent magazine. Full of good articles and training tips. Good reports also on clothes/outdoor gear etc
by Andy
A good magazine, however unless you are a hardcore health fanatic then most of the information contained is of little long term interest.