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If you're looking to make muscle development a key part of your fitness regime, then a subscription to Muscle & Fitness magazine is a great way to help you achieve your goals. Read more
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12 issues / 12 months
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12 issues / 12 months
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This health-conscious magazine is full of training techniques and new ideas to help you start pumping iron more effectively.

You'll be inspired to reach and exceed your goals, with some of the world's leading athletes giving you the inside track into their daily training plans.

There's a number of easy to follow how-to guides in each issue, complete with incredible photography to show you what the end result should look like. With in-depth features from dieticians and industry insiders, a Muscle & Fitness magazine subscription will help you to build muscle, strip fat and hone your body.


A subscription to Muscle & Fitness magazine brings you the essentials of serious fitness training aiming to help you maximize your potential. With: strength and fitness training for every body type; diet plans and strategies for men and women; expert tips and advice for every fitness level. When the time comes to take training even more seriously Muscle & Fitness will show you how. Muscle and Fitness Magazine comes up with regular features on fitness training. The magazine gives the essentials of serious fitness training. This information is aimed for beginners and expert fitness trainers. It carries articles on strength and fitness for all body types. Muscle and Fitness Magazine includes section on nutrition, which is of paramount importance when bodybuilding. Many people want to have a fitter and stronger body but they are not aware of the type of nutrition they need. The magazine contains all the relevant nutrition knowledge for readers. Along with nutrition topics, the magazine also deals with diet plans. In short, the magazine takes you to the world of bodybuilding within no time. For monthly expert advice on your Body Building regime, place a magazine subscription to Muscle and Fitness. An essential read for any Bodybuilder.

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Bought this for my partner and he loves it so much so that he sits and reads it every night before bed ! It's now part of his daily routine and he can't wait for the new issue every month
by Thorlo
great mag for training tips
by andy
i like the book