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There's a wealth of great advice available in WW magazine, with tips to help you lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, learn new recipes and get fit.

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WW magazine (formerly Weight Watchers) continues to inspire its readers to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

In every issue of WW magazine you’ll find delicious recipes, all with their ProPoints values detailed, as well as inspirational success stories of women and men who have lost weight through WW and changed their lives.

The magazine provides indispensable support and ideas for its readers, covering fitness, health, beauty and fashion as well as a 5-day food planner, with an easy to follow menu covering all meals and snacks to ensure that meal times don’t become a chore.

And there’s more. By subscribing to WW magazine you’ll also receive our quarterly subscriber newsletter, full of exclusive offers and discounts for things like spa breaks and beauty products.

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 4-6 weeks.

by sue
its cheaper to use i subscribe convenient and i always look forward to it doping through my door wouldn't have it any other way many thanks
by Sandra
Always delivered to your door on time!
by Susan
I like to subscribe to my favourite magazines. It ensures I don't miss an issue and the payment and delivery is hassle free
by Allison
great reading this month also where did the girl on the front page get her dress she looks great would be realy nice for a wedding .
by Colette
I love this magazine - I have been following the weight watchers program for a while now and I find the magazine to be a great supplement to the diet. It really helps me to keep on track between meetings and it is a brilliant source of new ideas when I'm feeling down and uninspired. It's a magazine I just can't live with out!
by Charlie
I love this mag! It's always got tonnes of great recipes. Now I get it delivered I've got no excuse not to be good!
by Lilly
Love this mag. Can't go wrong with it.