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For 40 years What Car? magazine has been the UK's leading buyer's guide for new cars, with every model rigorously tested on UK roads using real world criteria. Read more
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Subscribe to What Car? magazine and you'll receive the benefits of the painstaking and fascinating research the team put into reviewing each and every new car to hit the roads of Great Britain.

Their tried and tested methods have been providing car buyers with trusted and expert advice for decades, and a What Car? magazine subscription is the best way to stay up to date with the new developments in world of automobiles.

You'll also find interesting features on everything from the rise of electric cars to the value of petrol engines, plus the legendary Awards issue.


What Car? has been Britain's biggest and best car buyer's guide for 40 years - but while the range of models and technologies has expanded enormously since the first issue back in 1973, the magazine's core aim hasn't changed: it helps readers to buy the right car at the right price, and to help ensure that there are no nasty surprises in store when you get it home.

What Car? provides all the pros and cons of every car in language you can understand; what to pay, where best to buy and the most sensible way of raising the cash.

Each issue of the magazine also informs readers in how to keep their running costs down, has detailed insight into the soon-to-be-launched cars, news and first drives of the latest path-breaking models due to be launched, road-tests of newly launched engine-variants of the older cars and quality photographs.

With those 40 years of experience in helping its readers make the right purchasing decisions, What Car? is now regarded as the most trusted source of new car advice and is the one-stop-shop for any car buying enthusiast.

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by Louise
Great magazine particularly if you're hunting around for your next car. Good articles with lots of images on the cars. The only downside is that it was largely based on brand new cars rather than Used cars but still a good read if you're interested in the latest models coming out!